ARMSmasters is a high octane action-fantasy inspired by anime, manga and super powered adventure. It is X-Men meets Final Fantasy and Guardians of the Galaxy meets Street Fighter. ARMSmasters is being developed by a handful of established and emerging artists in Southeastern Michigan and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey through animation, comics and much more.

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A chaotic, mystical, and futuristic parallel world, serves as the setting for a clash of super powered adventurers over the most powerful magical artifacts known to exist. Whosoever gains control over the mythic Empyrean ARMS will have the means to have their most heartfelt wish granted. The stage is set for a war more then a thousand years in the making.

ARMSmasters takes place on a future-fantasy world during an era of common place magic and turbulent adventure. Mankind has harnessed the life giving energy of Aether and used it to create a civilization dependent equally on magical and scientific theory.

Individuals who are capable of using Aether and also trained in various forms of military and martial arts become known as ARMSmasters in reference to their powerful skills and fantastic armaments.

We follow the adventures of an outcast, misfit mercenary who uses the nickname of Riot as his outlaw name. Though cynical and disenfranchised by the order of military-knights who trained him, Riot has a strong sense of justice and is inspired by the ARMSmasters of the ancient past who were lauded as heroes that once saved the world.

Riot exists in a post-war world where the status quo teeters dangerously on igniting into chaos once again. When Riot meets Aeslyn, a princess from a fallen nation, and is hired to escort her to safety, he is thrust into a world spanning adventure to solve the mystery of twelve ancient artifacts. Riot must navigate the perils of his time while wrestling with his place in the world and all that entails. He forges fast friendships and deadly rivalries in an adventure that will ultimately take them all to the ends of their world and beyond.